Friday, November 8, 2013

Jump-starting my New Year's Resolution

Hi. Welcome. Take a seat.


Great. Let’s go ahead and get started then – my name is Cole Swanson, and I’m a writer.

also: drunk selfie-enthusiast

What kind of writer?

I suppose that depends on the day. For eight to nine hours every Monday through Friday I’m a fundraising writer.

What’s that mean?

Well you know all those letters from your alma mater asking you for money that you so rudely and unceremoniously throw in your garbage? Yup. That’s ya boi.


But here, in cyber-space, I’d like to be something else – an album or movie critic, a social commentator, a 20-something Iowan still a little bitter at the world for not crowning him King at 18.

I have a goal of posting one entry each week. I heard practicing something keeps your skills sharper, so this is me honing my craft. I hope you check out what I have to say, add your own thoughts, and give me the attention I so desperately crave.

That was a joke.

(kind of). 

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